The secret to consistently withdrawing profits without the need of analysing the charts


This system can be used by everyone without the hassle of learning to trade. In just one minute, you're able to see where the big banks place their orders

The no. 1 choice of professional traders around the world

Types of Multi Bank Entry (MBE) users

Corporate Professionals

Newbie Traders

Experienced Traders

Trade Flexibly

Stop allowing yourself to lose after years of trading

Aren't you tired of losing even after learning countless techniques?

Based on research, 9 out of 10 traders lose their deposits within the first 24 hours

While 5 out of 10 traders who lose will give up trading too early

Do you have these 3 problems?

Always getting stopped out (SL)

Trading on emotions

Eager to trade, but not knowing how to analyse the charts

Multi Bank Entry (MBE) may be the only system offering you the access of data used by the big bank traders

multi bank entry

Now you are able to where big traders around the world place their orders. But not any big trader, we're talking about the banks and big players. Our MBE system gathers the data, and turns it into a tool for you to refer and follow where the big players place their orders.

The trading tool choice of big players around the world

Data taken directly from the Liquidity Provider (LP)

This Liquidity Provider Data worth $25000 (Yearly) is gathered into a trading system so you no longer have to analyse the charts!

Real-Time Data (Updates hourly)

The order Data's will be updated every hour. The MBE system will label each orders made and the current trend.

Suitable for Scalpers and Intraday traders

No matter if you prefer scalping or day trading, this system will definitely suit your preferred trading styles.

The MBE system was developed specifically for you to make profits flexibly. No matter if you're using your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Profits anytime and anywhere.

The MBE system was developed based on the data of Liquidity Providers (LP) to help traders follow the entries of the Big Players

Available on your mobile phones, tablets and PC

Up to 10 high quality scalping setups per day

No purchase required for the access of the MBE system

FREE training webinars

Why is MBE the choice of Big Traders?

The Trading Tool choice of Bank Traders around the world

"Legitimate order data of the Big Players"

I've been trading using the SNR technique for years and its always the same issue of the price not respecting the zone. But since i acquired the MBE system, i realise that the price Will always Collect the orders of the Big players. Its entry and profit from then on!

- Khairul Muhaimin, Skudai

"No other confirmations needed"

I set my pending orders as soon as the zone is formed. No more waiting for any further confirmations when the price enters the zone. Clear setups all the wayyy

-Siti Balqis, Pengkalan Hulu

"Price always rejects nicely at the entry zone"

Its always very quick. Price collects the pending orders, and the next thing i see are TPs

-Erwinda Zamri, Hulu Langat

"Won good at both scalping and swing trades"

MBE is spot on! I've tried on all the recommended timeframes. Won all.

-Ammar Naqib, Raub




Trade flexibly, anywhere

The choice of Bank Traders around the world

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The trading tool choice of Big Traders

Frequently asked questions

MBE isn’t merely a indicator. The MBE system was developed based on the order data’s of the big players. Our team acquired this data with a $27000 yearly subscription.

Only on TradingView. So, any device which has a TradingView app will work.

Definitely! You don’t need advanced knowledge to use the MBE system. The entry zones are all shown. So all you have to do is know how to place your entries.

Safe to say, 90% and above. Cuz the banks never lose, and our orders are based on where the banks place their orders. But what determines you winning, is how you manage your accounts.

All timeframes. It comes down to whether if you wish to scalp, day trade, or swing.

Focus on instruments with USD & JPY pairs (XXXUSD, USDXXX, XXXJPY) Because the MBE system is based on the data of USD & JPY index, so those pairs will be the most suitable.

Yes, but make sure to know the risks when trading news.

The MBE system will constantly update itself according to the timeframe. So worry not, the zones will always be up-to-date.